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Irving Schwartz Library

at 1865 Dean Martin Dr, El Paso, TX

Irving Schwartz Library consisted of a 10,000 SF remodel to the existing facility and a 5,000 SF addition. The library is lcoated at ta very busy two-way traffic street intersection that inspipred the new shape of the building. The dynamic forces of the two- way traffic are expressed on the facade by the integration of angled shaped walls that brake the rigidity of the original orthogonal plan. The new design takes advantage of the Northern natural light illuminating the new reading area that opens up to exterior views. The new library included a 25 person computer room, a new children's reading and play area, new private study rooms, expanded book capacity and new teen adn adult reading areas. The design included the introduction of an artist sculpture to be exhibited inside the new entry tower which will be lit at night, becoming a beacon for people to visualize from a distance.